Saturday, September 15, 2012


While trying to update this blog for the first time in forever, I just deleted all my posts. Oh, the terror of a blind woman and an ipad. As I think of it, it may be just as well. Now I have the chance for a fresh start. I have missed blogging so much and missed reading the blogs of my friends but just can't seem to find the motivation or time to write here. I'd like that to change, but it remains to be seen if I have the motivation to do it. I hope my blogging friends are doing well. Please know that I think about you all and miss you. Praying you have a day filled with love and grace!


Sunny said...

Hi JoAnn ~ wiped out ? ohhh no! My goodness, glad you started again, though.
Thankyou for taking the time to stop by :) I'm still busy as a buzzing bee. Forgetting something was "over there" and then finding it , haha. So many plastic totes to unpack. I will do little by little. Prayers and big hugs to you also :)

inneedofgrace said...

Thanks for stopping by Sunny - it's so good to see you again!